NA Digest Tuesday, October 27, 1987 Volume 87 : Issue 75

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Date: Thu, 22 Oct 87 12:33:47 cdt
From: Rick Stevens <stevens@anl-mcs.ARPA>
Subject: Argonne Parallel Programming Class

Argonne National Laboratory has set up an Advanced Computing
Research Facility (ACRF) for the study of parallel computing. It
currently features an 8-processor Alliant FX/8, a 20-processor
Encore Multimax, a 12-processor Sequent Balance 21000, and a
32-processor Intel iPSC hypercube machine. Local projects utilizing
the ACRF include investigations in parallel logic programming and
parallel linear algebra and the development of portable parallel
programming methodologies.

To encourage use of the ACRF as a national user facility,
Argonne is sponsoring various classes to familiarize potential
users with the ACRF multiprocessors and with parallel programming
in general. The next classes will be held on November 11-13, 1987
and January 13-15, 1988i. The first
two days will cover parallel programming on the Alliant, Encore,
Sequent, and Intel computers; the third day will be devoted to
consideration of each attendee's particular project. Fortran will be
emphasized as the primary programming language, although C will be discussed.
This will be a hands-on class; at its completion participants will
have written and run a number of programs on each machine, and should
be familiar with the ACRF environment.

Those interested in the classes should contact

Teri Huml
Mathematics and Computer Science Division
Argonne National Laboratory
Argonne, IL 60439-4844

(312) 972-7163

There will be a $25.00 charge for this class, no financial support
for attendees is available.


Date: Wed, 21 Oct 87 15:56 CDT
From: Jerry Johnson <>
Subject: Faculty Positions at Oklahoma State
X-Vms-To: IN%"NA@score.stanford.EDU"


Several tenured, tenure-track and visiting positions at all
professorial ranks are anticipated for Fall, 1988. All areas
are currently under consideration, but we especially encourage
applications in Algebraic Geometry, Complex/Harmonic Analysis,
Lie Groups and Representation Theory, Numerical Analysis and
Partial Differential Equations.

Minimum qualifications are a Ph.D. in Mathematics, evidence of
research achievement or potential, and a commitment to teaching.
Post-doctoral experience is desirable. Normal duties include
research and at most six hours teaching per semester. For full
consideration, send a resume and arrange to have three confiden-
tial letters of reference sent by January 15, 1988 to A. Ghosh,
Appointments Committee Chairman, Department of Mathematics,
Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK 74078-0613. O.S.U. is
an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. Women and
minorities are especially encouraged to apply.


Subject: Grad Students Wanted at University of Alabama
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 87 10:01:45 cdt
From: Bruce Suter <hplabs!>


to participate in research that will lead to the development of the
next generation of partial differential equation solvers using parallel
processing technology. This endeavor will take place in the Department
of Computer and Information Science at the University of Alabama at
Birmingham, and will include interactions with several world-class
researchers from both Livermore and Argonne National Laboratories.
This project will utilize the department's 30-processor Sequent computer
( the largest number of processors commercially available in a tightly
coupled shared memory architecture ). STUDENT SUPPORT
IS AVAILABLE. For more information contact:

Prof. Bruce Suter
Dept. of Computer and Information Science
University of Alabama at Birmingham
University Station
Birmingham, AL 35294
(205) 934-2213 (arpanet) (csnet)


Date: 25 Oct 87 14:05:45 EST
From: Apostolos Gerasoulis <GERASOULIS@RED.RUTGERS.EDU>
Subject: Simularators for parallel computers

Next semester we are starting a seminar on algorithms for parallel
computers at Rutgers. We would be greatfull if you could share your
parallel simulator with us. We are interested in simulators runing on
SUN-3/4 workstations with FPA. We are particularly interested in a
simulator for a message-passing architecture (Hypercube, etc.) and a
simulator for a shared-memory model.

Please send your reply at

I thank you in advance.

Apostolos Gerasoulis


Date: Mon, 26 Oct 87 11:31:41 EST
From: Gene Golub <>
Subject: Kolmorgorov

The great Russian mathematician A. Kolmogorov died on Oct 24; he was
84. His work on probability is of fundamental importance.

Gene Golub


Date: 27 October 1987, 18:24:47 IST
To: NA list < >
From: Danny Hershkowitz <>
Subject: Haifa Matrix Conference

(January 3-5, 1988, Technion - I.I.T., Haifa, Israel)

HOTELS: The hotels in Israel are rated from 1 to 5 stars.
The Dan Panorama Hotel (4 stars) is offerring special rates for the
conference participants. It is quite a fancy new hotel which is
located in one of the best places of Haifa. The rates per day
(including breakfast) (all taxes included) are:

$ 50.60 single
$ 62.10 double.

A cheaper place is the Vered Hacarmel Hotel (2 stars) which will
charge $ 30.- a day for a single room. Only 4 rooms are available for
us in this hotel.

If you would like us to book you in a hotel, please let us know as
soon as possible your arrival and departure dates, and in which hotel
you would like to stay.

DEADLINE FOR ABSTRACTS: Please recall that the deadline for us to
receive titles and abstracts of the talks is December 10, 1987.

Sincerely yours,

Abraham Berman Daniel Hershkowitz Leonid Lerer


e-mail address: MAR23AA @ TECHNION (bitnet).

Letter Address:
Mathematics Department
Technion - I.I.T.
Haifa 32000


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