NA Digest Wednesday, August 5, 1987 Volume 87 : Issue 64

This weeks Editor: Cleve Moler

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Date: Fri 31 Jul EDT 1987 08:20
Subject: netlib

From-: research!ehg (Eric Grosse, 201-582-5828)

There have been rumors that netlib@anl-mcs was turned off while Jack
Dongarra spent the summer in Europe. On the contrary, so far in July
netlib has distributed over 85 megabytes of software. For some
mysterious reason, mail from a few systems is not reaching

[Editor's insertion: I can confirm Eric's observation. The trouble is
with mail getting to Argonne, not with netlib itself. For example,
of the six possible two-way links made up from Dana, Stanford and Argonne,
I can send mail to myself on five of them, but NOT from Dana to Argonne.
The trouble has something to do with Internet addresses, and possibly
with the old-fashioned '-' in 'anl-mcs'. Anybody who can shed some light
on this, please send me (and Eric) mail. --Cleve ]

Jim Van Zandt asked in na-digest/v87n63 whether netlib would accept
contributions of muMATH source code. We would be happy to do so. If
there are going to be a number of contributions, it might be better for
Soft Warehouse or some other interested party to serve as the central
distribution site. Whoever that might be: please contact me for details.


Date: 2 Aug 87 22:31:45 GMT
From: kepler.Berkeley.EDU!majumdar@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU (Arunava Majumdar)
Subject: Random Vortex Method

I have just taken course on Num. Ana. and the Random
Vortex Method struck me as something very different,
unique and rather useful in application to fluid dynamics.
Does anyone know of any book or some collected papers
regarding this method. I know there are some
papers by Chorin and Sethian etc. but I would like
to read some comprehensive treatise or monograph about
how & why-it-works, its advantages and limitations, and its
applications to various fields besides fluid dynamics.

- Arun


Date: Mon 3 Aug EDT 1987 10:59
Subject: Position at Cal Tech



The Applied Mathematics program at Caltech invites applications for a
tenure-track or possibly tenured appointment in the case of exceptionally
well-qualified applicants. Applicants should submit a detailed curriculum
vitae and list of publications with at least three letters of recommendation
or the names of referees to

Professor P. G. Saffman
Applied Mathematics
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91125
818/356- 4560


Subject: Program Director Position in Advanced Scientific Computing
Date: Wed, 05 Aug 87 09:46:16 -0400
From: Melvyn Ciment <>

The NSF Directorate for Computer and Information Science & Engineering
(under Gordon Bell ) has formed a new program in Computational Science
and Engineering that is currently being administered by Mel Ciment ,
Deputy Director, Division of Advanced Scientific Computing. The program
is being directed to interface with the goals of the broader , more general
NSF-wide Initiative in Computational Science & Engineering. The CISE/CSE
Initiative will focus on supporting interdisciplinary research teams
addressing issues of scientific computing that arise in large scale modelling
in scientific and engineering applications including , but not limited to:
novel computational strategies, parallel computation, visualization &
graphics, software algorithms and tools, performance evaluation,
networking & communication systems and advanced computational technologies.

The Division of Advanced Scientific Computing is interested in identifying
suitable candidates who might serve either as a rotator or as a permanent
program director for this emerging program.

Persons interested in serving in such a position must have specialization
and extensive experience in a multi-disciplinary computational science
research environment.

Please respond with your inquiries and recommendations to

Dr. Melvyn Ciment
Dep. Director, Div. Advanced Scientific Computing
Room 533
1800 G Street , N.W.
Washington ,D.C. 20550

Tel. 202-357-9776
Electronic Mail Address:


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