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International Conference


19-21 July 1988, Aachen, West Germany

The Conference is convened to increase the awareness of the potential
of the new supercomputers amongst scientists and engineers.

Papers are invited on the following topics, and abstracts should reach
the Organizers by 1 November 1987.

* Computer Architecture and Current Supercomputers
* Use and Development of Transputers
* Case Studies in Hydrodynamics, Groundwater, Environmental Sciences
* New Parallel Algorithms for Finite Differences and Finite and Boundary
Element Methods
* Optimisation Problems
* Structural and Dynamic Analysis
* Applications in Automotive Engineering
* Use of Supercomputers in CAD and CIM
* Benchmarks and Comparison Between Different Processors
* Fluid Dynamics and Atmospheric Science Applications
* Expert System Applications
* Future Trends

For further information, please contact Liz Newman, Conference Secretary,
Computational Mechanics Institute, 52 Henstead Road, Southampton, SO1 2DD,
England. Telephone: 4 (0) 42129 3223 Telex: 47388 Attn COMPMECH


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