NA Digest Thursday, April 23, 1987 Volume 87 : Issue 36

This weeks Editor: Gene Golub

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From: Gene H. Golub <GOLUB@Score.Stanford.EDU>
Subject: History of NA Conference
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This is a repeat announcement of the History of Numerical Analysis meeting
at Princeton, New Jersey, May 13-15. The program is included below.

Hope you can make it.
Gene Golub


May 13 - 15, 1987

Please note that all sessions will take place at the HYATT REGENCY,
rather than at the Sarnoff Center as originally planned.


WEDNESDAY, May 13, 1987
Opening Session 8:30-10:15
Conference Welcome

Chairperson: Gene Golub

Remembrance of Things Past
Herman H. Goldstine
American Philosophical Society

Reminiscence of Howard Aiken
I. E. Cohen
Harvard University


Session 2 10:45-12:30

The Los Alamos Experience, 1943-
N. Metropolis
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Early Numerical Analysis in the United Kingdom
Leslie Fox
Oxford University

Discussion of A.S. Householder's Work and Influence
G. W. Stewart
University of Maryland

LUNCH 12:30-2:00

Session 3 2:00-3:45
Chairperson: Tony Chan

Reactor Computations; Surface Representation; Fluid Dynamics
Garrett Birkhoff
Harvard University

A. Personal Retrospection of Reservoir Simulation
D. W. Peaceman

Origins of the Mathematics of Computation
Eugene Isaacson
Courant Institute


Session 4 4:15-6:00
Chairperson: Bob Funderlic

The Prehistory and Ancient History of Computation at the
U. S. National Bureau of Standards
John Todd
California Institute of Technology

Programmed Computing at the Universities of Cambridge
and Illinois in the Early Fifties
David J. Wheeler
University of Cambridge

Mathematical Software and ACM Publications
John R. Rice
Purdue University

THURSDAY, May 14, 1987

Session 5 8:30-10:15
Chairperson: Olof Widlund

The Early Contributions to Numerical Analysis by
E. Stiefel and H. Rutishauser
M. Gutknecht

Conjugacy and Gradients in Variational Theory and
Magnus R. Hestenes

BIT-A Child of the Computer
Carl-Erik Froberg
Institute of Computer Science, Solvegatan


Session 6 10:45-12:30
Chairperson: John Tukey

Comments on Postwar Development of Computational
Mathematics in Some Countries of Eastern Europe
Ivo Babauska
University of Maryland

Particles in Self-Consistent Fields From Hartree's
Differential Analyzer to Cray-Machines
Oscar Buneman
Stanford University

How the FFT Gained Acceptance
James W. Cooley
IBM Watson Research Center

LUNCH 12:30-2:00

Session 7 2:00-3:45

Linear Programming's Contribution to the History of
Scientific Computation
G. B. Dantzig
Stanford University

Early Contributions to Numerical Analysis
J. Barkley Rosser
Univeristy of Wisconsin

Topic Area: Origins of Numerische Matematik, the Gatlin-
burg Mettings, and the University of Michigan Summer
R. S. Varga
Kent State University


Session 8 3:45-5:35
Chairperson: Norm Schryer

The Development of ODE Methods: A Symbiosis Between
Hardware and Numerical Analysis
C. W. Gear and R. Skeel
University of Illinois

An Historical Review of Iterative Methods
David M. Young
University of Texas

Evening Banquet
H. B. Keller
California Institute of Technology
Friday, May 15, 1987

Session 9 8:30-10:15

Some Historical Comments on Finite Elements
Tinsley Oden
Texas Institute for Computationall Mechanics

Experience and Observations on Early Computing Days at
the Ballistics Research Laboratory
M.L. Juncosa
The RAND Corporation

Shaping the Evolution of Numerical Analysis in the Com-
puter Age-The SIAM Thrust
I. E. Block


Session 10 10:45-12:30
Chairperson: Jack Herriot

J. H. Wilkinson's Work and Influence on Matrix
B. N. Parlett
University of California, Berkley

The Work of George Forsythe and His Students
James Varah
University of British Columbia

Discussion: What Have We Missed Before 1965?


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