NA Digest Wednesday, April 22, 1987 Volume 87 : Issue 33

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Date: Wed 22 Apr 87 18:42:11-PDT
From: Gene H. Golub <GOLUB@Score.Stanford.EDU>
To: na@Score.Stanford.EDU

Dear Colleagues,

As you may know, the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
(SIAM) will be publishing a new journal, ``Matrix Analysis and
Applications.'' The first issue will be available in the first quarter
of next year.

A diverse and internationally reknown Board of Editors has been
established. These include persons from laboratories and universities.

Several seminal papers in matrix analysis and linear algebra have been
published in SIAM journals. Many of these papers have been of a
numerical nature, but a significant number of them have been concerned
with general topics in matrix analysis and applications. Why a new
journal then? It is our feeling that there is a desire and need for
such a journal in the applied mathematics community.

I shall be the managing editor and even though my main interest has
been in numerical computations, this journal will not have its focus
on numerical algorithms. Instead its primary purpose will be to
consider developments in matrix analysis which are of relevance in
applications. For that reason, there will be many papers (I hope) on
such areas as signal processing, control theory, statistics, Markov
chains and mathematical biology. I do not exclude numerical
mathematics, but I expect that other SIAM journals will carry most of
these papers, especially those involving scientific computation.

We are fortunate that Bob Plemmons of North Carolina State has agreed
to be the associate managing editor. Bob has made many contributions
to theoretical linear algebra as well as matrix computations.

I should say a word about the title of the journal. We have
deliberately used the word matrix in the title, so that the journal
would have a broad appeal to those persons who are interested in
applications. We all know, of course, that linear and matrix algebra
are isomorphic, but to the broader scientific community, the word
matrix implies concrete applications.

I do hope you or your organization will subscribe to the journal. I
would be happy to receive your manuscripts or you can send them
directly to the SIAM office in Philadelphia. If you have any questions
or comments send me an e-mail msg or call me.



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