NA Digest Sunday, April 19, 1987 Volume 87 : Issue 32

This weeks Editor: Gene Golub

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Subject: Program Director Position in Advanced Scientific Computing
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 87 09:43:24 -0500
From: Melvyn Ciment <>

The NSF Directorate for Computer and Information Science & Engineering
(under Gordon Bell ) has formed a new program in Computational Science
and Engineering that is currently being administered by Mel Ciment ,
Deputy Director, Division of Advanced Scientific Computing. The program
is being directed to interface with the goals of the broader , more general
NSF-wide Initiative in Computational Science & Engineering. The CISE/CSE
Initiative will focus on supporting interdisciplinary research teams
addressing issues of scientific computing that arise in large scale modelling
in scientific and engineering applications including , but not limited to:
novel computational strategies, parallel computation, visualization &
graphics, software algorithms and tools, performance evaluation,
networking & communication systems and advanced computational technologies.
( A "Dear Colleague" Letter describing this program in greater detail has
recently been widely circulated in paper and electronic copy)

The Division of Advanced Scientific Computing is interested in identifying
suitable candidates who might serve either as a rotator or as a permanent
program director for this emerging program.

Persons interested in serving in such a position must have specialization
and extensive experience in a multi-disciplinary computational science
research environment.

Please respond with your inquiries and recommendations to
Dr. Melvyn Ciment
Dep. Director, Div. Advanced Scientific Computing
Room 533
1800 G Street , N.W.
Washington ,D.C. 20550

Tel. 202-357-9776
Electronic Mail Address:


Mail-From: GOLUB created at 19-Apr-87 06:45:53
Date: Sun 19 Apr 87 06:45:53-PDT
From: Gene H. Golub <GOLUB@Score.Stanford.EDU>
Subject: Italian connection
To: na@Score.Stanford.EDU

I recently visited Italy and recruited a number of persons to NA-net.
It's now possible to reach many persons through BITNET in Italy.
Here are the addresses I have.

* brezzi, franco (na.brezzi)
* canuto, claudio (na.canuto) "matema1%ipruniv.bitnet"
* comincioli, valeriano (na.comincioli)
* marini, donatella (na.marini) "mar02%ipvian.bitnet"
* notarnicola, filippo (na.notarnicola)
* paolini, maurizio (na.paolini)
* pietra, paola (na.pietra) "pie06%ipvian.bitnet"
* sartoretto, flavio (na.sartoretto) "map3%ipduniv.bitnet"



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