NA Digest Saturday, March 14, 1987 Volume 87 : Issue 21

This weeks Editor: Gene Golub

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Date: Sat 14 Mar 87 14:41:16-PST
From: Gene H. Golub <GOLUB@Score.Stanford.EDU>
Subject: Letters of Condolence
To: NA@Score.Stanford.EDU

For those of you who wish to send notes of condolence to Marie-Louise
Henrici, her home address and phone number are as follows.

*Forchweg 7
*8127 Forch
*(01) 980-2651


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Date: Sat 14 Mar 87 14:42:21-PST
From: Gene H. Golub <GOLUB@Score.Stanford.EDU>
Subject: Tribute to Henrici from Dahlquist
To: na@Score.Stanford.EDU

The message that Peter Henrici is no longer among us fills me with
deep sorrow. Peter was one of the mathematicians, who was most
important to me. We all know that he was a great numerical analyst,
with a long-lasting influence, both through his own contributions and
his great monographs on several subjects.
To me he was also a great friend. Some time ago I found in my
files his first letter, dated 1958, where he asks for a reprint. This
was the introduction to our long friendship. He moved me from the
provincial to the international scene by quoting my work in his
excellent monograph on ODE's, and by inviting me to UCLA in 1962, and
in many other ways.
Peter was a lover of classical music and a brilliant piano player.
This was another mutual interest of ours, and it was the theme of his
last fine letter to me, written during his severe illness.

Germund Dahlquist


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