NA Digest Friday, March 13, 1987 Volume 87 : Issue 17

This weeks Editor: Gene Golub

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Date: Fri 13 Mar 87 08:36:04-PST
From: Gene H. Golub <GOLUB@Score.Stanford.EDU>
Subject: Sad, sad news
To: NA@Score.Stanford.EDU

I'm very sorry to report that Peter Henrici died peacefully this
morning. He was a great man in his humanity and science. I'll write
later; let me invite you to share your thoughts and feelings with all
of us.



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Date: Fri, 13 Mar 87 08:35:37 PST
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To: GOLUB@Score.Stanford.EDU
Subject: Very sad news
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Date: Fri, 13-MAR-1987 17:18 GMT
From: Martin H Gutknecht <MHG@CZHETH5A>
Subject: Very sad news

Dear Gene:
This morning around 10 am Peter Henrici died here in Zurich, in the
University Hospital opposite ETH. Marie-Louise has asked me to send
you a message for distribution on the NA-net. Here is my text:

Dear friends:
Our dear colleague Peter Henrici died this Friday morning, March 13,
after nine months of severe illness at the age of 63.
The funeral will take place on Wednesday, March 18, 2 pm, at the
Protestant Church in Maur (near Zurich).

Martin H. Gutknecht
ETH Zurich


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